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I’ve got a bunch of things that are cluttering up my chrome and desktop so instead of waiting for them to somehow all work together with my writing I’ll just post them all here for your enjoyment.

It’s the early hours of June now, so happy June (ma mere’s month!) I’ve started up my daily exercise (at midnight) and seem to be getting more used to the shift in schedule that Ramazan brings. The thunderclouds and stormy weather seems to have departed, so today was a warmer day but our house so far stays nice and cool. Mini is cuddling her daddy at the moment, while I’m about to start cooking my oatmeal for suhur.

So here we go: Beşiktaş won the super lig for the second year in a row! YAY! It was an away match, but the fans back in istanbul’s beşiktaş district still partied.  Looks like it was the same madness fun as it was last year when we were there. Shame we didn’t see any games this season, but congrats all the same, my black and whites!

Speaking of istanbul, here’s a lovely video that captures the feel of that magical and bustling city, esp. my beloved bosphorus (one of my favorite things to keep me company while fasting). And here’s a little history about the writing on the minarets that happens only during ramazan, and only in istanbul unfortunately.

This is a ridiculously otherworldly video of the aurora australis recently in Tasmania. How it must be to feel and see that sky being painted in those colors. wow.

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 10.58.43 PM

And lastly, do yourself a favor and make this soup. It is delicious and I only want to eat it from now on, with fresh squeezed lemons from our trees and ramazan pidesi of course. It’s probably just as amazing even if you aren’t observing ramadan. 😉




And because it was recently memorial day, and ma mere reminded me how in high school I used to study for finals and use the summer movies coming out on the holiday as my reward, and there’s a new pirates movie coming out:

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 1.49.14 PM

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