anneler günü kutlu olsun!

I’m a little bit late but wanted to wish all the mommas (of humans, furs, plants; with us or in our hearts always) a happy mother’s day. Love you, and especially you ma mere extraordinaire! <3

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 10.11.57 PM

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  1. ma mere says:

    oh my! this is so cute.
    even though i’ve seen it lots of times… finding it up on your blog was sooo great and special.
    awwww, i love being your mom. look how cute you are!! and it’s namuk’s house, so that makes her part of it too. perfect. thank you for the wishes and lovexxxxx

    • b says:

      awww yes, namuk too <3 fbook has a feature where it shows past year posts, and this showed up from when jamie posted it a year or two ago, so glad you enjoyed seeing it again here :*

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