Uh oh another super delayed post, almost as if I don’t keep a blog anymore! 😉 well as usual, sorry about that (I’ve been busy yadda yadda) and this post is going to be short with just this link about films set or partially shot in istanbul , which of course includes a lot of 007 which makes me happy.

We’re getting close to our year anniversary of moving to bodrum, we’ve got a big life change happening (I’m 15 weeks preggers!) and ma mere just had a lovely visit which involved a lot of september swimming (fall is so great here). Oh and the dodgers won their division with the best record in the NL for the 5th year in a row. Let’s get that WS ring!! I’ve been growing my nails out in preparation of biting them. 😉

ps: Oh and here’s another link with a gorgeous blooming Gingko tree in China.

pps: happy October/Ekim! (already?) Woke up in the morning to the rain, and now there’s big puffy clouds and wonderful smells of wet earth and plants.

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