being an adult

You learn something new every day when you’re adulting, and now that I’m in my forties (:o) this seems especially true. Today I figured out that there are some places (Bodrum, for example) that have hard tap water, or calcium/lime heavy tap water. Most houses in Turkiye have 5l water bottles for drinking, and here is no exception; we just got a water filter installed and so I wasn’t thinking about it much. However, our shower doors and all the faucets and minikin’s water bowl have a calcium-heavy stubborn grime that wouldn’t clean up and it started to bug me. We found an environment-friendly cleaner at the store today, and I got to scrubbing the shower and presto! clean! So a win for the housewife today. Plus all that scrubbing was prolly a good workout for my arms as well. I’ll figure out a solution for shampoo and body soap with that calcium tap water some other time.

a cozy night in february

watching Beşiktaş in their first UEFA european league match; also watching the fire in our soba. the match started at 11pm, but we wake up at noon so it’s our evening now :p let’s go, bjk!







and happy belated hearts day. Here’s a photo of us lovebirds from earlier today, caffeinated of course. It was our first feb14 without heart-shaped simits, but I made heart-shaped pancakes instead so that was pretty sweet (pun intended). all you need is love (and a goal or two).


i got you, babe

So it seems as if phil here “saw” his shadow today which means we’re in for 6 more weeks of trump
winter. In other news, (happy Feb!) it has now been a day plus one week since I turned the ripe ol’ age of 40. 40! Feeling like a groundhog a bit these days (winky emoticon face here). bring it, winter! We’ve got a soba burning.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 1.04.46 AM

40, BABY!

Well I’m in my 4th decade now and I’ve been having a nice time celebrating so I’ve been even more lax than normal in blog posting. Happy birthday to me, hope you all had a nice january 25th! I had a great time; friends came from ist and stayed with us; we went out to a fish and mezeler dinner and then a few clubs with drinks and dancing. Bodrum is not a bad place to celebrate a birthday, and it was pretty crowded outside for a January.

Now things are getting back to normal, housechores and sitting by the fire and thinking of what to cook for dinner…oh and juicing mandalinas of course. There has been a lot of wind lately, and so now I almost don’t even have to pick them any longer; they just fall to the ground.

Also happy Chinese new year of the rooster! Our neighbor roosters have constantly been cockadoodledooing in honor of their year, or at least it seems like that. 😉

bye bye to my 30s (almost)

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I know it’s just a date and a number and all that, but it will be my 40th! So that’s a bit of a feeling, or lots of feelings, thinking about the past ten years, all the memories and adventures and how Talha and Theresa threw me a surprise bday party for my 30th! Was that really ten years ago almost? Wow. I never really felt like a thirty something, but I definitely don’t feel like a 40 year old!

Not feeling very chatty, but thankful and grateful for all the moments that brought me here. This will be my first party in Bodrum. Right now it’s super windy and blustery outside; our soba is warming the house and I’m making some dinner and having a glass of wine.

last year’s best 9 insta

There’s a site that gathers up your most liked instagram photos, so here is mine since I was lazy and didn’t post it last year :p I can still say the new year for 2017, right?

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 11.56.29 AM

new year, same old post

I keep forgetting that it’s january and have barely said ‘time is passing so fast’ OR ‘the first time i’ve done xyz in this new year’ OR ‘good thing I didn’t make any resolutions about writing on my blog more’ but now I’ve written all of them, so there you go.

This new year (as well as my bday month!) keeps chugging by. I’m doing my best to avoid the downward spiral of helplessness that involves reading about the news (as my friend posted on fbook; do I attempt to stay informed or protect what remaining sanity I have?) The less said about what’s going on all over the world, the better… or at least as Depeche Mode sings “words are very unnecessary, they can only do harm” (sorry not sorry it’s a Depeche Mode sort of day).

But I am not feeling very wordy today, so it’s interesting that I decided to write a blog post. Maybe we’ve finally gotten jetlag out of our system, as we went to bed last night past midnight and got up around 10am (the last week we were going to sleep around 9pm and waking before the sunrise!) A week ago we were stuck in istanbul during the snowpocalypse for the weekend, and since we’ve been back home we’ve been doing our best to get back into our bodrum rhythms (feeding the chickens, getting the compost going, settling in).Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 1.42.54 PM

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 1.42.27 PMIt has been cold here (not as cold as istanbul or europe tho) and rainy (except yesterday which was gorgeously sunny) and so we decided to get a soba (similar to a fireplace, old turkish style) and of course there have been some issues with the pipes and such so that has taken up a lot of our time but still, the warm fire is so nice!

I have also been continuously obsessed with fresh mandalina juice, and the beauty of our fruit trees. I don’t know how anyone can manage without being able to walk outside to pick a lemon off of their tree for drinking in the morning. I can’t wait until we get our vegetable garden going too!

And lastly, minikins cuddled between us last night, all night long! I guess she got a chill, or just wanted to be a nice little furbaby for once <3



In this new year, even with the sad and terrible things that have occurred already, there is still hope for good in people. As you know there has been a giant snowstorm in istanbul (and PE-YEW mini poopins just visited her toilet!) and some of the malls are letting stray dogs sleep inside with blankets. I love whoever’s idea this was, and hope all the street doggies and cats are well taken care of in istanbul (and also here in rainy and cold bodrum). Mini just wants to go outside every moment, and then gets wet paws and rain on her fur and demands to come back in, only to keep meowing to be let outside…some animals have it worse than others 😉

*update: two stories about kind turks helping the kediler of istanbul during the snowstorm. yay!


winter wonderland

Happy 2017! We spent the end of 2016 in LA with the fam, eating and chatting and drinking craft beer and watching movies (La la land! Rogue One!) and being all together. As is our new tradition, we spent cara’s bday and new years in SF partying with our friends and then came back on the 5th of january. Wow does time fly. This time we didn’t get a flat tire on the 405 and need a police escort to LAX, but we did see some faint aurora borealis from the plane AND landed in a snowstorm in istanbul. The snow was really coming down, and it was so beautiful and cold, and there was no way we were going to be able to make it over to the other airport to fly down to bodrum. So we stayed with our friends for the weekend, enjoying the city made beautiful covered in white powder (missing our arnavutkoy view so much), and came home last night to our purring and meowing little furbaby. <3 We missed the big snow last year when we were in the states, so it was fun to see falling snow out the windows for two days (even though I am a bit sick and jetlag is definitely messing with us). istanbul covered in snow is beyond magical. We didn’t really go out much, but everywhere is so pretty, even outside the normally concrete jungle areas of Cevahir mall.

And now it’s sunny and cold in bodrum, and I should be unpacking but I’m here on the computer instead, just lazing about. We got to hear roosters this morning, and have fresh tangerine juice! Did we really wake up in istanbul yesterday? and 3 days ago we woke up at chez murietta?

Hope you all had a nice holiday and here’s to a happy and positive new year!

it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas

This made me laugh  and so I wanted to share.

It has been cold here lately, so it feels more christmas-y even without snow (and it was just snowing in istanbul!) and we’re still eating a lot of mandalinas (gotta love citrus season when you have an orchard!) and mini is keeping an eye on the chickens and today is our 5th turkversary! 5 years with my sweet bups!! Last year we saw Spectre with the LA fam in LA and then had mmm-mexican, and tonight we’re going to watch a besiktas match and have some pizza…our first anniversary in bitez. love you husband <3

Here are some photos of us getting in the holiday spirit around bodrum the last few days.

img_20161215_200250 img_20161215_191706 img_20161215_191641 img_20161215_200945

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